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Non-Rainbow OVD

During The High Security Printing Conference in Budapest we have presented our Novel Non-Rainbow OVDs Based on Diffraction Optics         Sub-wavelength structures are especially of interest. They produce optical effects that are not common for classical OVDs thus can be used as an effective visual security features: pastel colors; antireflection (black color); zero-order […]

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E-beam holograms

E-beam holograms

E-beam holograms are a symbol of high level of protection. Since 1996 we have used optical lithography  for hologram’s mastering. In 2014 we switched from optical to e-beam lithography. Our company Demax Holograms Plc.  complete his latest project, investing in new equipment worth 3 000 000 Euros, which is unprecedented in the industry. This new investment confirms Lidogram brand as […]

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E-beam lithography The whole drawing  in vector format Image resolution  – 1 000 000 dpi   Key security features:   Newest features:  

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Process Of Production

Hologram production All types of holograms (DOVIDs) are a collection of microscopic peaks and valleys (interference patterns) on the plate surface. The holographic interference pattern can be recorded in a photoresist that after development contains the pattern as a microscopic surface relief. From this relief pattern a nickel replica is derived by electroplating. Thin nickel […]

Holographic Images

Holographic images have been in use to protect security documents since the beginning of the 80’s. They were first used to protect credit cards. Since that holographic and optical image technologies have improved dramatically. Now the term “hologram” is used to describe any optical security image, classified as DOVID (Diffractive Optical Variable Image Device). All […]

Security Holograms

Security holograms have been first used in security printing to protect MasterCard and VISA credit cards. The reasons for using holograms and holographic products: 1. Security: Hologram images are impossible to copy or imitate by traditional printing equipment. Holograms are easily recognisable by the end user. Additional tricks like microtext, hidden images and other security features make them a unique optical security device. 2. Promotional effect: Holograms have an attractive appearance […]

Holography history

Modern holography dates from 1947, when Dennis Gabor, a scientist researching the ways to improve the resolution of the electron microscope, developed what he called holography. In fact, in 1948 he coined the term hologram from the Greek words “holos”, meaning “whole,” and “gramma”, meaning “message”. Gabor did not have at his disposal coherent light […]