LIDOGRAM – optical element developed  for document authentication and brand protection.The major advantage of LIDOGRAM is its extremely high image resolution for the entire area of the graphical image – 1 000 000 dpi. The high graphics rendering resolution allows you to create high-contrast graphical elements with smooth outlines.One important feature of LIDOgram is that it is embedded in end-user products by conventional means at no additional costs.The Eurovignette hologram demonstrate some security features.
To view detailed Eurovignette, please click the button below the picture zoom. For more information please download PDF file Eurovignette.
Bellow microscope-assisted photographic material demonstrates image quality of thin lines and nano-texts in LIDOgram and in various types of diffraction optical elements.
Different optical and security effects could be incorporated in DOVE’s using LIDOgram technology:

1. Visual effects for naked eye recognition:

two channel flip-effect image (when looking at one and the same field in the hologram by changing the viewing angles there are seen 2 different objects)

dynamically changing volume of the object (object, that changes its size depending on the viewing angle)

3D object

3D background

Images that could be seen only by viewing in 90 degrees against the normal viewing angle

Synthesized white holographic flat objects

Colour object that is not changing its colours regardless of the viewing angle

Holographic raster image with grey scale graduation

RGB holographic object

2. Security elements for qualified personnel recognition:

Micro text that is seen with 10 x magnifier;

Micro drawings that is seen with 10x magnifier;

Synthesized hidden image –seen with special equipment;

Dynamic hidden image – seen with special equipment;

UV shining images.

3. Security elements for expert recognition :

Size variable nano- and micro-texts with character size from 300 μm  to 10 μm;

Nano-drawing – logo, inscribed in a square with size 300×300 μm and line thickness of 5 μm;

Guilloche composition with variable thickness – from 5mkm to 1000mkm and linear size in direction not less than 50% from the label diagonal.